Differences Among Spanish Speaker's Neighbors

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America is time to get educated about your Spanish speaker 's neighbors! Do you think you could identify each Spanish-speaking culture with its own country and location? The truth is that few people who come from ordinary lives are able to answer this question with confidence and security. Unfortunately, American society has for decades refused to understand the true essence of its immigrant neighbor, making the lack of understanding create conflicts and barriers that prevent the fulfillment of one strong and united American diverse society. Therefore, Americans must educate themselves about their Spanish Speaker 's neighbors to counter the prejudices caused by politicians, a lack of geographic and cultural knowledge, and the physical…show more content…
At first, the American society immerses itself in a lack of diversity understanding, refusing to comprehend and learn about other countries and their respective cultures around the American continent. As a Hispanic immigrant, I personally have experience situations where people don 't really know the difference among the countries in Latin America and tend to generalize all Hispanic cultures as a common source for tacos, mariachis, and a so-called phrase "Ay caramba!" (which are typical symbols of Mexican culture.) Moreover, the Polk State College Honors program president Hernan Velazquez as a Spanish immigrant relates how he experiences moments where people locate Spain as a country somewhere in Latin America. This shows the lack of geographical knowledge towards the Latin-American regions. In addition, the Augusta University affirms Spanish speakers (specifically Hispanics) are not a monolithic group, instead each country have remarkable differences among the Hispanic ethnicity. Briefly, this shows how the Spanish speakers do have differences among each nationality, and the American society must be responsible for accepting and understanding those cultural differences, as the US is highly known for being a diverse country full of equal opportunities for
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