Endangered Dogs Vs Dholes Essay

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Dholes are wild dogs from Asia. They are very fantastic creatures in many ways. The Dhole is a wild dog, but there are three zoos that have packs of Dholes. They have the appetite of a bear that needs to fatten up for the winter there are many similarities and differences between wild dogs and tamed dogs including the Dhole. The Dholes however, are endangered animals and there are very few left in the wild. These wild dogs are very endangered, they are decreasing so much in population because of how hard it is for them to get food for their packs each and everyday. Dholes are pack animals. They are much better suited in a bigger pack than by themselves because of the type of prey that they have to take down. One alone would not be able to…show more content…
The Dhole usually have five to twelve members of their pack, and these eight pack members have to patrol thirty four square miles and their calls help with that a lot. This pack is made up of the mother of the litter and her eight pups. They keep a very good watch on their perimeter and other animals don’t like messing with them because the dominance that they show. Sometimes they will combine with another pack to form a super pack to hunt big game animals and after the hunt is over the two packs split ways again. Each one of the dogs have a distinct call that it is very easy to identify each one of the animals. There are also ten subspecies of Dholes in the world and the Dhole is also known as the Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog and the red dog. The Dholes breed between November and December. The male will spend 2 weeks mating with the female. In dhole packs only one dominate pair in the pack will breed with each other and the rest of the pack will assist in caring for the mother and her pups. The mother is only pregnant for 2 months after that, the very large litter is born and after raised and taught how to hunt and live in the pack life they are members of the pack and all the others depend on them as much as they depended on the others. They have a unique muzzle, their muzzle only has a forty teeth while other dog breeds have forty two teeth. Greg McCann describes Dholes as “dogs that hunt better
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