Similarities Between Gatsby And Tom

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Compare Gatsby and Tom

Gatsby: Gatsby is Nick’s neighbour, his real name is Jay Gatz, but he change dit into Gatsby. He was born in a poor family but became rich. He had a relation with Daisy wich ended when he left to (what he says) serve the army. After that he has always been looking for her.

Tom: Tom is a friend of Nick, they met in college, he also is Daisy’s husband. He and Daisy married a few years ago, he loves Daisy, but also has a misstress named Myrtle who lives in the Valley of Ashes.

How are they alike
Tom and Gatsby have a lot of differences, but even though it doesn’t really seems like they have a lot of similarities they are also alike in a couple of things.
The first thing is that they both seem to love Daisy, but they
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The first thing is that although they both have a lot of money, they didn’t get it the same way. Tom was born in a rich family, he inherrited al his money, he didn’t work for it. Gatsby was born in a poor family, all his money he earned by working for it, although it wasn’t in a legal way, he earned his money by bootlegging, wich is illegal. Another difference is that even though it seems both of them doesn’t care too much about others Gatsby is much carefuller than Tom. Gatsby loves Daisy and will do a lot to get her, even though that means using Nick for it, but he does try not to heart Nick’s feelings. Tom on the other hand, doesn’t really care about the feelings of athers at all. He will do whatever it needs to get what he wants and he doesn’t even treat the people he love worthy. He cheats on daisy and when Myrtle makes him mad he breaks her nose. Gatsby has a lot of self-control, he only loses it in the hotel when Tom makes him very mad, and that’s just for a minute or two, after that he can controle himself again. Tom doesn; t have a lot of self-control, when Myrtle makes him mad he breaks her nose, he wouldn’t have done that if he had
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