Differences And Similarities Between Ashputtle And Cinderella

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In the story Ashputtle she has two stepsisters which is the same as in Cinderella. In both stories both of the stepsisters are very mean to Ashputtle/Cinderella. In the story Ashputtle they said to her, “Get into the kitchen where you belong!” They took away her fine clothes and gave her an old gray dress and wooden shoes to wear. In Cinderella her stepsisters came to her tore off her pearl necklace and ripped apart her dress, both stories the stepsisters hated Ashputtle/Cinderelle. So this would be a similarity between the two stories. Another would be that the prince in the story of Ashputtle sent out invitations to all the beautiful girls in the Kingdom. In Cinderella he ordered all the girls in the land to come to meet him,
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