Differences And Similarities Between Chief Tecumseh And Chief Seattle

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Tribe paiute U.S. citizens are unaware with the tragedies the government cause to many Indian tribes. The Paiute is one of many tribes suffering through these tragedies. Americans awareness of other problems occurring in U.S. nation they are unaware of tribes including the paiute tribe. As told on Fox 13, Winkler said the settlers arrested a group of Paiutes and when they tried to escape, they were killed. Settlers also murdered women and children who they feared might reveal their atrocious acts. (Source 1) The suffering Paiute tribe many are unaware of what is tragic events occurring to these tribes. The other tribe member of women and children were killed to prevent the spread of information on the settlers killing the prisoners. “Utah Senator Arthur Watkins included them on the list of tribes to be terminated. …show more content…

They both gave their opinions on the whites who which make the indians suffer and give no freedom to indians. as said by chief Seattle, If all the beast were gone men would die from the loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man.” The use symbolism using beast as the symbol of man. The chief seattle wanted to show how white man are compared to beast with the harsh and sufferings they give to Indians. Chief Seattle tells these white man who which the he considers them as beast or monsters. He want to give realization that whites are beast to show those men need to change or to stop the chaos between the indians. Although chief Tecumseh may agree to white men as beast but he gives the problems indians may have to do with the problems, as he says, sell a country?! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth.(source 5) the tone given by chief Tecumseh with anger not only with the white men buying land but the tribes who sell the land to the whites. He gives the tone of sarcasm of selling other given items that shouldn't be bought or

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