Similarities Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Farha, Syed Govt 2305 02/11/2018 LIBERTY VERSES RIGHTS The differences and similarities between civil rights and civil liberties are so similar that they can intertwine. Both terms work together to give individual security, confidence and support. 1 The term civil right means the rights of citizens to political and social freedom. 2 The term civil liberty means being subjected only to laws established for the good of the community especially with regards to freedom of action and speech. 3 Individual right protected by law from unjust government to other interactions. Both terms create confusion and purpose to fight for rights and interoperates each other through different cases.
There are differences and similarities between civil rights and
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Even though women won their rights to vote in 1919, they still needed to fight for more equal rights. Due to the civil Rights movement the supreme court opened up gates to allow immigrants from Asia and South America to come and provided more rights to minorities Unfortunately people still have their rights over powered through authorities unknowingly by being frisked by police and security guards through Terry Stop. The Terry Stop violates the fourth amendment that states citizens have a right to privacy, a right to protect yourself from unfair treatment from authority therefore the Terry Stop violates our rights. The constitution should protect us from the Terry Stop which is already written in the fourth amendment prohibiting search and seizures unless a warrant is provided. In the case of Floyd v New York City when David Floyd an African American man was unfairly frisked and accused by the police for breaking and entering in to his own family building. The court ruled in favor of Floyd saying that Frisking policy violated the fourth amendment because it over bares and violates personal space Yes GPS surveillance on a suspects vehicle without suspects knowledge should always require a warrant as long as the suspect is not suspected for murder. A suspect shouldn’t have his or her private property searched because the…show more content…
However, I do feel that my civil rights and civil liberty are starting to dismantle especially since 9/11. Sixteen and a half years ago On September 11,2001 the country was attacked and left in despair. Since than minorities have been attacked left and right and things like traveling legally have become more difficult. My bags were sniffed by drug sniffing dogs at airports while travelling with family overseas. Before September 11, I never saw police officers in airports. My bags were never opened in front of other civilians. So in my opinion my Civil Rights and Civil Liberty have started to breakdown because I am a minority.
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