Differences And Similarities Between Elbow And Stanley Fish

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Writing is a fundamental discipline in learning and teaching. As the education level in a person increases, the complexity of what is considered the proper way to write increases well. Peter Elbow and Stanley Fish are two well-known scholars in writing etiquette. Fish’s studies focus more directly on structure of essays rather than the words being expressed. Elbow cares about thought process and how to create a well-written essay that excites its audience. Both are well-credited scholars with quite different opinions on how a paper should be formulated. Each scholar wrote an essay on how they think a proper essay should be written based on their individual teaching methods and talked about results each scholar has found with teaching student proper writing methods. Elbow’s essay was about free writing and its effectiveness in teaching students to write…show more content…
His essay focuses not on beautiful essays but being able to write an essay when the brain goes blank. However, Fish writes his paper on the opposite. Fish does not care about content the way Elbow does and thinks the only way to teach writing is to focus on structure and individual components, such as sentence composition. These theories and their creators are both reasonable, but they are not perfect alone. Elbow created a method of free writing that allowed the mind to explode with ideas. This method is useful for students stuck on a topic. He believed that students should make lists and notecards full of ideas and sort them in categories until an idea for an essay occurs. This is good in theory but the whole reason for writing the article was to show a way a student can write an essay in a limited time frame. The way the article

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