Differences And Similarities Between Eleanor Roosevelt And Nelson Mandela

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Dev Patel
Mrs. Reimel's 5/6 LA
Compare and Contrast Essay
Both Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela faced many challenges throughout the course of their lives. Eleanor Roosevelt overcame her challenge of criticism by facing her fear of shyness. Nelson Mandela overcame his challenge of apartheid by facing separation from his beloved family. Although Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela faced different difficulties, they both faced their fears in order to do what they believe and value in.
To begin, Eleanor Roosevelt conquered criticism through facing her shyness and performing helpful tasks for the well being of others. In the text, it states, "Feeling unwanted, Eleanor became shy and withdrawn. She also developed many fears. She was afraid of the dark, afraid of animals, afraid of other children, afraid of strangers.(Pg.89) This illustrates the criticism that Eleanor Roosevelt had to face and as a result, shyness and fear established within every core of her body. This was a major challenge she had to
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They had many similarities like their influence along with some differences. Mandela and Roosevelt had a huge impact, resulting from their successes. Eleanor Roosevelt affected many people because she helped the ones that didn't have the same fortune as herself. Therefore, many lives were improved through her contributions to society. Now, people had the chance to recreate themselves and have a decent shot at life. Just like this, Nelson Mandela influenced many people and became a role model for others. His accomplishment led to the freedom of blacks. As a result, blacks gained more rights and they could use those rights to get better treatment. To sum up, Nelson Mandela and Eleanor Roosevelt were influential role models that achieved to great heights through determination and are an inspiration for all and everyone to yet to
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