Differences And Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism

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The differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

There are few differences between Hinduism and Buddhism practice and cultures. First of all, Hinduism believes and the existence of several God which is Brahma, Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and much more. Buddhism do not entail any godly figures. Moreover, Hinduism extremely believes on caste system. They have several castes and follow them rigidly. Meanwhile, Buddhism have caste system too but they do not practice it nowadays. Priest plays an important role in Hinduism rituals. Their ritual basically followed by the Hindus vary from birth to death a person and more complex. Then, most of Hindus are more into asceticism and they extremely believe. As the middle
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Hinduism extremely believes in the stage of life as they do have four stages as known as Ashramas. The first stage is Bhahamachary ashrama or student’s life. Grihasta ashram or family life, and sanyasa ashrama which when a person meditates and truly waiting for the truth whereas Buddhism do not believe in this stage of life and they can join any stage at any time according to their preparedness. In addition, Buddhism has no faith in Vedas and instead firm into the teaching of Lord Buddha and Buddhist scripture whereas Hinduism truly believes in Vedas and they do have four Vedas known as samaveda, Ayurveda, atharveda and Rigveda. These will be the differences in both religions.

The similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism

Other than differences, they do have similarities in their practices and culture. The first similarities is reincarnation. The process of reincarnation which truly believes in Buddhism are about the deeds of the present life. As in Hinduism also

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