Differences And Similarities Between Hitler And Joseph Stalin

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here are many dangerous leaders, but I will be comparing and contrasting between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Both of these leaders took their control in Russia. I will be telling you about both HItler’s and Stalin’s political ideology, treatment of citizens, and goals of these leaders. The ideology of Adolf Hitler is the Nazi ideology, this is an ideology that received its political form in the regime that governed Germany from 1933-1945. On the other hand, Stalin imposed government control over the Soviet Union’s economy. The difference of these two are one wants there to be a complete race of all the same people. The other is wanting all power over the entire union. The treatment of citizen was also different between the two. Hitler’s was he treated the Jews with little or no respect, he even killed them. For the Nazi’s though they got alot of respect and even got homes, food, and even jobs. Stalin’s treatments was different for children and rich folk they got jobs, food, and homes, but for pour folk they got nothing they had to try and survive by going into dangerous jobs and often eating whatever they could find. Hitler just wants a single cell race with all rights. Stalin wants all rich and wealthy people.…show more content…
Hitler made all his children and the peoples children a Nazi army for the following years. He also killed all the Jews, he almost completely marked out the Jewish race. Stalin on the other hand, gain all power for a numerous amount of years. He made his own group known as the Kulaks. The two rulers are very different but alike at the same time. They both wanted and absolute rule with whatever they say being the rules. This will conclude my thoughts on the differences of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler’s political ideology,their treatment of citizens, and their
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