Differences And Similarities Between Indentured Servants

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Often people mistake indentured servants for slavery and though they do have some similarities they are still seen as two different concepts. People believe that indentured servants was a form of slavery and that they were one of the same and that is found to be not true. Indentured servants were given more rights and were seen as a human being (even if they were considered low standard) unlike the slaves in America. Slaves were given no rights at all. Slaves weren’t even considered by society as a human being they were strictly just property and a source of income. The difference between indentured servants and slaves were that indentured servants were bound to a contract and had certain laws and rights such as; freedom dues” and the fact that over a certain amount of time indentured servants become free and become a part of society. Whereas slaves were bound to the master they were sold to, had to work on that masters land for the rest of her/his life, they were given no salary, were never a part of society, were seen and had to work against his/her will.

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