Differences And Similarities Between Jackie Robinson And Paul Revere

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Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. (Setting) Jackie was the youth of the family, and he was nurtured in poverty by a single mother. (Protagonist) He spent his high school years at John Muir High School and his college years at Pasadena Junior College. During both his high school and college years, he was a phenomenal athlete. He played four sports; football, track, baseball, and basketball, and excelled at each. Jackie ended up being awarded the region’s most valuable player in 1930. Jackie’s brother, Matthew Robinson, truly motivated Jackie to go after his sport dreams and his love for athletics. Matthew Robinson achieved silver medal status in the 200-meter dash at the 1936 Olympic Games. (Static Character) Jackie furthered his education at UCLA, where he was UCLA’s first student of any color to win varsity letters in four different sports. Despite his athletic success, Robinson was forced to leave UCLA just shy of graduation due to financial hardship. Jackie moved over to Hawaii, and he got the opportunity to play…show more content…
The main comparison between these two, is the adversity they both fought through when they lost a parent. This made each of them become a wholly different person, and in a good way. Another main comparison between the two would be how poorly they were treated. Jackie Robinson was treated very poorly by the general public and baseball fans because of his skin color. Paul Revere and the american people were treated poorly by the British occupants and that led to the Revolutionary War. Although these two men have striking similarities, they changed the world in two totally different ways. Jackie Robinson broke the professional sport color barrier and promoted black rights, while Paul Revere instigated riots like the Boston Tea Party and kept the minutemen in
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