Differences And Similarities Between Myrtle And The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a story about a man, who climbed his way up to the top with sheer determination and a girl who had an abusive cheating husband whom she did not really love. It is told by a man who is relatively poor, lives next to Jay Gatsby and is a cousin of Daisy’s. The newest movie is quite similar to the book but there are some differences. In the book, there is much more ‘space’ left for the description of the scenes. They appear more lively, more colourful, even when written to be ‘bland, grey, unmoving’ unlike the movie which, to no surprise, expressed the greyness much more. The town where George Wilson and his wife Myrtle lived really was grey. Jumping to the end of the book, to Myrtle’s death, we could clearly see how they changed the movie from the book. In one Myrtle only had a few scratches, in the other, well, Myrtle was practically run over, that was how horribly she had impacted with the…show more content…
In the springtime Gatsby and Daisy are reunited and, one could say, start blooming with love once again, forgetting everything else. When summertime starts, all the parties, love, everything intensifies. Love is in the air so much that even Daisy’s husband Tom realises it, even though he is cheating on Daisy himself. And the everything goes to hell (heck, sorry, I probably have to keep this PG) when autumn comes around. All the fights start between everyone: Daisy and Tom, Daisy and Gatsby, Myrtle and Wilson, Myrtle and Tom. Then, when Myrtle gets run-over by Daisy, everything gets even worse. Wilson thinks that Gatsby killed Myrtle because he felt guilty for being in a rendezvous with her (which obviously never happened), so he decides to kill Gatsby as revenge and then kill himself. And then Gatsby’s funeral happens at the very end, just like the circle of all this metaphoric
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