Post Ww2 Compare And Contrast

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Kliti Çelniku U.S History (01) United States has always affected in global community in different ways. United States was a superpower that tried to decide for the future of worldwide community. It was leaded by many presidents and each of them followed different foreign politics in order to increase the power of United States in the whole world. For this reason, there are differences and similarities between post-World War I and post-World War II era. Firstly, after World War I, United States was the world’s leading economic power. American companies during these times took many advantages in foreign market. As a result, United States became a creditor nation. It also created a float that sailed all over the world in order to…show more content…
All these were made in order to limit the Soviet Union power in different countries until Nixon set the limit of United States power. He also presented “Détente” means “relaxation” through which he thought to limit Soviet Union expansion and to limits the revolutions in the Third World. Nixon took dramatic steps such as the visit in China. After this, in 1980 Reagan would be the president of United States. He was anti-communist and rejected the “Détente”. Reagan started again to spend most of the federal budget in weapon. However, after the leader of Soviets changed, Reagan understood that his popularity is declining. Therefore, he called the Soviet Union for a friendlier relationship and a new cooperative system. Both leaders of United States and Soviet Union agreed with each other principles and this marked the end of the Cold War that lasted 45 years. After Cold War ended, United States was leaded by Reagan’s vice president, George Herbert Walker Bush. He focused more in foreign policy and did many changes in the international system. In 1880s, the Soviet Unions started to collapse. It lost his power and many thousand of people in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania and even Albania won personal freedom. In addition, even two Germanys reunited after 45

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