Differences And Similarities Between The Creature And Frankenstein

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Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature are similar in more ways than one might initially realize. They both long for families, but become increasingly distant from those around them as time goes on. Frankenstein was abandoned by his mother, while the Creature was abandoned by Frankenstein. They are both impulsive, eager to learn, and have an incredibly difficult time coping with their extreme emotions. As the novel progresses, the similarities between the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein become even more apparent. The Creature and Frankenstein both experience rejection throughout the novel. Frankenstein becomes incredibly lonely because of his decision to cut off his current relationships. The guilt that he feels for creating the Creature drives him to isolate himself and keep secrets from those closest to him.…show more content…
Jealousy and rage cause him to lash out and commit murder without giving the acts much thought. His inability to regulate his feelings and effectively process his experiences is what causes him to act so irrationally and take such drastic measures in order to cope with what are actually basic emotions. Likewise, Frankenstein also has trouble with his emotions. He, too, acted hastily when he first created the Creature and chose to abandon him and his laboratory in response to his fear and disgust. Later, the shame and guilt that he feels after the Creature commits murder cause him to reject his creation. Repeatedly, his extreme emotions bring on intense sickness and put him in several comas that last for months. As the book progresses, the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein become more similar. They both experience more negative emotions, such as rage and guilt, and are incapable of regulating such emotions. They also have less of an ability to empathize with other people and form meaningful connections. Both characters become more alienated from the people around them, despite their longing for
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