Differences And Versions Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Have you ever wondered what the differences were between the modern and original Romeo and Juliet? Well join the club because you along with many others have wondered the same thing. In this essay I am going to tell you all the differences and similarities between the two. So keep reading to answer all your questions you have with these two versions of Romeo and Juliet. In the original story, the plot is so much more dramatic and out there. In this story it includes violence such as deaths from both Capulet and Montague families. Also, in this story it was so much more of an Elizabethan era than any other version has portrayed it. The original 1968 film was like I mentioned in the elizabethan time period so things were much more classic i’d say. The original story had thrown parties and balls and such things like that to show their wealth, elegance, and class. Parties such as these were where Romeo and Juliet themselves met.
In the modern story, there were quite a few differences in the plot from the original. First of all, they didn’t have any weapons or violence towards the two families. In this plot, the two families weren’t feuding and a plot twist is that the two fathers secretly wanted Romeo and Juliet to be together but didn’t want to confess. With that being the two fathers idea, they had set up a plan to have Juliet harmed in a way for Romeo to save her so they can approve of him. In the end, a kidnapper tried taking Juliet and Romeo saved her
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