Differences Between 1800's And Today

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Shaping of the modern world has transpired through numerous changes since the 1800’s. These changes have had incredible importance in moulding today’s society for the better, a few key differences between 1500-1800 and today’s modern world, include on how food was produced and what was eaten in the 1800’s, what expectations befell women and men in their roles and where people of the 1800’s acquired their information and what they believed. It will provide a summary of Blainey’s (2000) work and outline the resultant, food production and diet, gender roles and finally beliefs and knowledge of the 1800’s. A comparison will parallel these features with today’s modern society with the 1800’s as well as highlighting several key variances of these…show more content…
In addition to the variety we have today our access is vast, due to transportation and availability. We receive and ship food from our ports, multiple times a day from all over the world and have access to the bulk of them through our local stores compared to the 1800’s were almost all food consumed was from local sources. Important also to note that alcohol of all kinds is restricted to adults only, by law due to research regarding the effects and addictive…show more content…
Famine seen in the 1800 as described by Blainey (2001) is near non-existent in first world countries and due to how accessible information society is aware of the plights of third world countries and assistance is given where possible. This is a major improvement on the societies of the 1800’s who dealt with famine within their own community and very little could be done. Today the improvement in information access and education has improved society prevalently in regards to mental health, education for the majority and equality. There is still inequality in gender when it comes to pay, still it is vastly improved from the 1800’s and we can hope to see more improvement in this arena as more information is shared and processed by the masses that will affect
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