Andragogy Vs Pedagogy Essay

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Differences Between Andragogy and Pedagogy Pedagogy and Andragogy differ in many ways, just as children and adults do. It is important to know the meaning and the differences in these two terms. Pedagogy refers to the methods of teaching used particularly with children. It always involves an adult aiding a child to ultimately become an adult (Yonge, 1985). Andragogy refers to the methods used in teaching adults. Structurally speaking, however, the methods by which children and adults learn are architecturally the same (Yonge, 1985). In child learning or Pedagogy, the learner (child) is dependent upon the direction of the instructor/teacher. The adult (teacher/instructor) is responsible for what information and skill the child is taught as well as how this information is conveyed (Holmes & Abington-Cooper, 2000). This adult is also responsible for evaluating what the child…show more content…
In any professional position I obtain, including a teacher leadership role, it is important to me to give and gain respect from my colleagues. I demonstrate honesty, integrity and trust while maintaining authority. Communication is important to me as well and I always try and keep lines of communication open. I make an effort and explain the reasoning for my decisions so that others can understand why I made them. Staying positive is important in most aspects of life, especially professionally. I notice that positivity is contagious. When I stay positive others will too. While I feel that I have many strengths, I know I have just as many weaknesses. When transitioning into a leadership role I know that need to be more assertive and authoritative. I have a tendency to lack confidence which can sometimes cause me to become timid and overpowered. This is a massive area of growth for me. I am taking steps to rectify these weaknesses and allowing myself to grow into the leadership
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