Differences Between Animals In Zoos

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Everybody has grown different environment and family. It means that people could be changed by growing environment. Most living things have been affected by growing environment. How about animals? Animals have been affected by growing environment, too. In this essay, growing environment is zoo and wild. In society, there is a controversy about animal’s growing environment between animals in the zoos and animals in the wild for a long time. These have different pros and cons. What is animal in the zoo’s good points. First, they could be managed by zookeeper regularly. Zookeeper gives animal’s food in time. Zookeeper provide a balanced diet. Zookeeper checked animal’s health regularly. They have an injection against. Second, animals in the zoos live longer than animals in the wild. Because veterinarians regularly take care of their health and diet. In zoos, they promoted baby animals put down their own space for a while. In this reason, baby animals felt comfortable. Third, animals could have safe place. In wild, most animals were chased by predator. Animals always have riskiness about themselves life. Because they are not protected. However, in zoos, Animals could have safe habitat. They do not need riskiness in zoos. Endangered animals also protected by zoo. Zoos save endangered animals by bringing them into a safe environment, where they are protected from habitat loss, starvation and predators. Fourth, animals in the zoos give children about education. In these days,

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