Nokia Vs Blackberry Case Study

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2. What are the main differences between Blackberry and its competitors?
While discussing Blackberry’s competitors, our focus will be on Nokia, Apple and Samsung.
First of all, a comparison of Nokia and Blackberry will happen by looking at the differences in design and software before the introduction of Apple’s IPhone. Second a comparison of Apple’s IPhone and Blackberry’s devices on the business market will take place. Also by looking at differences in software and design.Last, we will discuss the main differences between Nokia and Apple and why the IPhone was also doing well with private consumers. A comparison of blackberry and iphone will happen by looking at reaction of blackberry to the introduction of a couple of iphones. Only looking
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In addition, Blackberry offered almost all devices with QWERTY keyboard. Something that Nokia almost didn’t offer while focusing on the feature phones and not the smart phones. (nog zeggen dat het dankzij de email dingen is dat blackberry market share gained.
2.2 Comparison of Apple and Blackberry
The 9th of January 2007, Apple introduced its first IPhone, called the IPhone 2G. This smartphone was provided with a multi touch screen that has a very user friendly and addictive interface. But the IPhone had its disadvantages. The IPhone 2G didn’t support 3G networks, playing Flash files was impossible, the touch screen had a lack in true multi-tasking (S. Kahn, 2009), a GPS was missing, it had short battery life and weaker security.
At Blackberry, CEO and co-CEO Lazaridis and Balsillie were far from recognizing the threat that apple could become. ( verzijwing naar the rise and fall of blackberry) At that time, Blackberry was producing the Blackberry curve series. A smartphone well known for its long lasting battery, built in GPS system and wireless E-mail.
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It was the most stylish blackberry until now, it had a sleek design with a leather cover which gives the device a classy look. In addition, it had a sharp display (480-by-320), a long lasting battery and a high speed connectivity because it was able to browse on the 3G network. Moreover, the QWERTY keyboard was fantastic because it had sculpted keys so your fingers wouldn’t slip. It made texting and E-mailing very easy. (G. Mies,

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