Differences Between Big City And New York City

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New York City is the “Heart of the United States”; Hong Kong is the “Asia’s World City”. They are known as the most densely populated cities, which the density is 10,756 /km2 and 6,544 /km2 in New York City and Hong Kong respectively. Notwithstanding the crowded environment, there are still many people flowing to these two cities. According to Florida’s “Cities and the Creative Class”, a well-designed city attracts immigration of people. Why New York City and Hong Kong are that popular? Is it because their city planning is good? In city planning, “people” is one of the most important element. Housing and Public Space matter to people’s living most. How are the two cities planned and designed to cater to the citizens? This paper aims to evaluate how Housing and Public Space are arranged in the two cities for the sake of their citizens. By comparing and contrasting the planning strategies, the paper will determine which way brings a better impact on the city development.
Type of Residential Buildings
In New York City, residential buildings are classified into various classes: Class A- One Family Dwellings, Class B- Two Family Dwellings, Class C- Walk-Up Apartments, Class D- Elevator Apartments and Class R- Condominiums. These housings are distributed in the five boroughs evenly.
With the densest population, Manhattan packs with high-rise buildings. As the economic and cultural center of the United States, Manhattan is an attractive borough with no

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