Differences Between Cavaliers And Puritans

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The 17th century was a confusing time for New England. There were two main type of religious groups called “ Round head” Puritans and curley locked Cavaliers; they had different kinds of political views and this caused many collisions among them. What are the main differences and which one would you choose if you lived during this time period? The word “ Round Head” comes form their hairstyle. They had short and cropped hairstyles; this was mainly worn by Puritan they also had tall conical hats with round brim decorated with a buckle and belt. The Cavaliers had a longer hairstyle than the Puritans and their hats were wide brimmed, often decorated with a large feather. One side of their hat was cocked up. The main difference between these groups comes from their political views. The cavaliers supported the English King; Charles the I. The king thought that he had divine rights because he was chosen by the…show more content…
I say this because they gave their support to the Parliament, and not the King. Power is a very dangerous thing, and it causes many rivalries. Too much power for the King can turn him into a dictator. One person should not gave complete power in any situation. The King also raised taxes without any consultation, and this can effect the citizens greatly. There are poor citizens who can not afford food and objects and the increased taxes can starve them or make their situation more worse. If the Parliament had power, the issues would be discussed more, and there would be multiple solutions offered. Different minds would work together, and that is better than having one single person thinking about it and take an action. The Puritans also wanted a similar church, and this is a good thing because a simpler church would make church trips more easier for everyone, and all the money they would spend on the Churches, they can spend it to feed people or use it for development
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