Differences Between Christianity And Christianity

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This paper is a look at the nature of the Islamic worldview, examining the critical differences between it and Christianity. The three issues that will be studied are: 1) the Islamic worldview regarding the “tawhid” (oneness) of Allah compared to Christian beliefs about God, 2) the differences between the Islamic and the Christian thoughts regarding sin and its implications for mankind, and 3) the crucial difference between Islam and Christianity regarding the nature of Jesus over issues such as His divinity, His crucifixion, His resurrection, and His ascension.

It will be important to first establish Islamic beliefs, next to study Christian thoughts, and lastly to critically compare the two, considering both the motives behind the varied thoughts and the consequences of each interpretation. Though Islam claims to acknowledge Judaism and Christianity to a limited degree and claims that it is the fulfillment of these religions, it insists that ancient Arabia always had a continuing tradition of a supreme being amongst the desert people. Islam does not claim any indebtedness to Judaic and Christian thought as its knowledge is said to be through direct revelation to its last chosen prophet, Muhammad. Muhammad is said to have refined the foundation of faith that was present in Arabia through the final divine revelation to him, revelation which succeeds and replaces the religions of both Judaism and Christianity.

If Islam is to be taken seriously, then its beliefs need to

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