Differences Between Christianity And Islam

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The western religion Islam define the human condition as being born with a good soul "Fitra" but through forgetfulness "Ghaflah" they then try to do what 's right as in living life through there 5 pillars. The western religion Christianity define the human condition by believing that all are created equal and go through life trying to do what 's right in order to inter the gates of heaven.

In the Islam religion they result to the five pillars as a way to do what 's right and also read the Qur 'an which is their holly text. Christianity believe that being saved, prayer, Mutual love and also reading the holly bible to also guide them and try to make things positive. Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in the world and the both come from common place of origin the Middle East and both monotheistic. Christianity and Islam both consider Jesus to be the Jewish messiah of the Hebrew scripture. Both believe that there is only one god and that he is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Christianity had a major impact on the world and civilization itself the world was transformed as this single religion was spreaded across the world and it impacted every culture it touched. Christianity was spreaded through teachings and messages from the people who were influenced by Jesus and once people really became part of the movement they became called "Christians". Islam had a significant impact on history as well and had Holly Wars. Which is considered one of the most

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