Differences Between Common Sense And The Declaration Of Independence

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In the 1760s and 70s, tensions were rising between England and its colonies in America. Many colonists were upset with the way they were being treated, as Parliament in England kept on implementing new taxes such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, and added unfair policies that would negatively affect the colonists’ lives such as the Quartering Act. This was seen as extremely unfair by the colonists, since they had no form of representation in Parliament, so the colonists had no say in what sort of laws were voted on. Because of this, many colonists started to rise up and try to start a revolution. However, they needed far more people in the colonies to agree with them in order for their cause to have a significant impact. In order to gain more support for his cause, Thomas Paine wrote his book Common Sense, which explains why it is the obvious choice to choose to try to rebel against the English government. He published his book throughout the 13 colonies, and it became widespread, with everyone talking about it, and it convinced many people to join the rebellion. Common Sense did a great job in increasing the revolutionaries’ numbers, and helped them get ready for their revolution. When they were ready, they had Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence, an official letter to the colonists and England saying that the 13 colonies were now going to become their own, independent country, breaking off from English rule, starting the American Revolution. Both
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