Differences Between Creon And Antigone

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Throughout the first and second scene, the theme human law versus divine law separates the two main characters Creon and Antigone, creating a deep conflict between them. At the beginning of the play, despite of the state and the human law, which Creon made, forbids her to do so, Antigone determines to burry her brother, Polynecies. She says to Ismene, “Creon is not enough to stand in my way.”(15). Antigone believes that Creon has no right in the matter of burial, because it is part of the divine law and she believes divine law rules over human law. On the contrary, Creon views the human law supreme of the divine law, saying, “…whoever shows by word and deed that he is on the side of the State—he shall have my respect… ” (176-177). Creon views

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