Differences Between Cuban Culture And Native American Culture

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In "Unity and Diversity" Cultural Universals are all of the behavior patterns and institutions that have been found in all known cultures (Light and Kathleen 449). There are at least four thousand different cultural traditions throughout the whole world. Many people have more than one cultural traditions. Native Americans and Cuban traditions are different in Dance 's, Marriage, and Religion.
One of the differences between Native Americans and Cubans is their style of dance. Native Americans style of dance tells a story through male traditional dancers combine drama in which they tell a story. Which is manly about warriors hunting for enemies. Native Americans dance, play a big role in religious rituals and other ceremonies in which they are held in large areas around a fire. Cuban dance also tells a story, but they differ due to the fact that Muñeira which is a dance of playful characters, with a social component expressing Gallantry and Salsa which is a popular form of dance originated in New York City influenced by Latin Americans mainly Cubans.
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Native Americans wedding occurs when the couple gathers at the women 's family at their clan household and exchange items like corn and venison to symbolize their promise to provide for each other. Afterwards, the man moves into the women clan household in order to finalize their marriage. While in Cuban engagement it is unknown in Cuban history for close families to "facilitate" marriage between their children. The most popular tradition that is performed at Cuban wedding is the money dance. This is when the bride dances with a large group of people in which they pin money to her dress as a gift to help her start a new life with her husband. But Cubans also follow some superstitions as the Americans in which the bride and groom should not see each other before the wedding in order to avoid "bad

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