Differences Between Culture And Religion

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Some would argue that culture and religion are two disparate systems, as religion is often perceived to be based in one 's faith, and culture is often believed to be rooted in one 's environment. However, others would argue that culture and religion are one in the same, since both could be used to describe the ideas, customs, behaviours, and beliefs of a particular group. Although the specific customs and beliefs of different cultures and religions vary, both religion and culture generally describe a set of beliefs and behaviours that are custom among particular groups and communities. Therefore, I believe religion and culture are more analogous to one another than they are disparate. Although religion and culture are often understood to be two distinct systems, many religious laws influence cultural beliefs. Similarly, our cultural beliefs greatly influence how we understand religious texts and laws. On Thursday January 18th Eric Janzen used the concept of "no spitting, no shaving" to illustrate how we are to understand religious laws in Abrahamic Biblical texts. Specifically, Janzen explained that the laws are written, and are made to be extremely specific, because people were doing the behaviours mentioned in the laws. However, it is not enough to say that these laws exist only because someone, somewhere is committing the unlawful actions. For example, many of the laws that exist in various legal systems, such as the prohibition of incestuous relationships, are
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