Comparing De Beauvoir And Picasso's Guernica

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Both De Beauvoir and Picasso had started their work after wars; she wrote the second sex after the French revolution as Picasso drew some of his paintings after the Spanish civil war. Their work depended on how they were influenced by the results of the war. De Beauvoir believed that war was a main reason which reinforces inferiority of women. Unlike Picasso who took the war as a starting point to his work; thus he painted Guernica. He embodied her writing in creating deep-misunderstood masterpieces. Thus, some concluded his art is considered as a major element that reinforced the inferiority of women. Despite the fact that some people believe that arts and society do not determine each other. Although women have been oppressed at that time when De Beauvoir wrote the second sex, in which Picasso made it worse because in their times women were seen as sexual objects, housewives and creatures who are emotionally unstable.
De Beauvoir wrote her second sex book in which she discussed the reasons beyond calling women as the other. She kept on examining the biological differences between each sex to see whether the duality between them is fair or not. She found that men would always see women as the other sex; as the object. She wasn’t
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Picasso had many drawings that indirectly supported men to be the superior and wiser. For example, in his La vie painting he drew a naked woman standing beside a man who is wearing underwear, as on the other side there was another woman who was holding a baby. One can judge Picasso as a man who looked at women as sexual objects or mothers depending on what his paintings were about, especially this one. Therefore, one can realize how Picasso’s art has supported the inferiority of
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