Differences Between Developing And Developing Countries

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The world is a diverse community with a variety of lifestyles, perceptions and preferences, what defines a better life in a certain region of the world is blasphemy elsewhere. The are those who firmly stand on grounds that say no matter how forward development movement leads their nations ahead, there are things that cannot and must not change even if it cost lives and erupts violence, while some will choose to accept and accommodate developmental that are contrary to what they believe in as a minority just to avert war and succumb to them in the name of peace and prosperity.
In order to succesfully compare development between developing and developed countries its more interesting to do so by contrasting countries that are divided by a thin line, further more ones in which are in competition with each other in terms of their status in international influence. There is no better example than two large, halfway across the world from each other, this essay aims to identify vast number of differences ranging from national resources and services to governance, separating the developed United States of America (USA) from developing Peoples Republic of China. Under resources and services the essay will cover financing and maintenance of military, education, infrastructure and the health sector not forgetting environmental sustenance.
According to United Nations development underlines "human improvement," measured by future, grown-up proficiency, access to each of the three levels

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