Differences Between Ender's Game Movie And Book

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Ender 's Game “ A 1v2, how do they expect us to win this one. They’re testing us, but it’s ok, we’ll give them what they want.” Civilians were in danger, the buggers were coming to attack, all hope seemed lost, but then Mazer Rackham defeated the buggers once and for all, or so we thought. The buggers were colonizing again with plans to attack and exterminate the human race, this is where Ender Wiggin comes in, Colonel Graff has been monitoring Ender in his daily life to determine whether he has what it takes to attend battle school and ultimately defeat the entire bugger race. Books, in my opinion, are almost always better than the movie and that stays true for this novel also, the novel has a much greater opportunity to give more details…show more content…
In the film Ender’s Game, his timeline as an individual is not even close to the novel, in the book Ender ages at a slower rate, when we first meet ender he is six years old and we witness his maturity first hand whereas in the movie when we are introduced to Ender he is already almost a teenager. Likability is greater in the novel because we got to witness Ender mature, not so much in the movie. Furthermore, the movie strays away from Demosthenes and Locke, they play a foundational role in the novel, leaving this in the movie would have given more…show more content…
His two most memorable confrontations were with Stilson and Bonzo, in both situations Ender had no choice but to engage and protect himself, this leading to the death of Stilson and Bonzo at the hands of Ender. Keeping this trait in both the film and novel was crucial to the interpretation of Ender’s personality. Additionally, Ender’s relationships are portrayed the same, his fear of Peter, how he adores Valentine, and even his friends at battle school, along with gaining the trust of his squad. Including this in both platforms keeps the consistency of the character, making it easier to relate get to know Ender for who he

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