How Did England Want To Colonize The New World

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SHORT ANSWER: 1. A clash of culture was caused when the Europeans began to start settling in the New World. Many of their beliefs and societal norms were complete opposites than the Native Americans. The European's had a general understanding that their property determined their social status, while Native's personal property had very little meaning. Gender roles were another conflict of interest; the European men viewed women as a more inferior gender and did not allow them to do as much as the men while Native's treated men and women more as equals. They also had very different views on religion, with the European's coming from a strong Catholic background and Native's having a more spiritual religion referred to as animism. Contact among the Europeans and Native Americans eventually resulted in the Columbian Exchange which caused huge political, cultural, social and economical changes across the globe. 2. There were many underlying motivational factors for England wanting to colonize the New World. The main reason is obvious, people were excited to get an opportunity towards making a decent living or possibly even becoming wealthy. Acquiring land was another huge factor in motivating people to settle in the New World. At the time, land was scarce and expensive in England, so many people saw…show more content…
They felt that they shouldn't be restricted to expansion when they were just victorious in a recent war. The colonists viewed this new policy as an infringement on their basic rights and many ignored it and moved into the prohibited area. Other colonists figured that the proclamation was only a temporary solution. These events along with many other future restrictive measures by the government would start the American Revolution, which would forever change and shape our country by giving the colonies their independence from Great
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