Differences Between Fairy Hood And Little Red Riding Hood

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The existence of fairy tales have been around for years, throughout the years there have been many interpretations and retells of the stories, an example is Little Red Riding Hood, this traditional fairy tale is one known in different forms. Overall Little Red Riding Hood’s topic in most of the retells is to listen to parents, since they know best. In Grimm’s version, “Little Red Cap”, the theme is about the loss of childhood innocence, obeying parents, as well as being cautious with one 's surroundings. Meanwhile, Angela Carter’s feminist version of the film “The Company of Wolves”, is about the loss of sexual innocence. Although there are many details within both the film and the story that are relatively the same, there are also aspects that show the difference in both female protagonists. Even though there are many alternatives of the story, each one is open to interpretation, it depends on what the reader considers to be the symbolism involved in each of the stories and what they could mean, as well as how the actions of the protagonists and certain characters could change the overall theme. A story has the capability of dramatically changing due to the protagonists and the way they are portrayed.

Female protagonists are portrayed differently throughout stories, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has many distinct stories, told in various languages, as well as the way she is depicted. Angela Carter’s film, “The Company of Wolves”, shows Rosalie as a beautiful girl
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