Differences Between French And American Culture

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The Culture and Conflicts of France
France and The United States of America have been allies since the American Revolution when France eagerly joined the Colonists in the fight for Independence against Great Britain. As a result of this close alliance, many people were surprised when France did not support the United States militarily in the War on Terror. France and the French people did not believe it was their place to support the United States and become involved in a war they did not believe would eventually involve them. The French have a long and rich history which includes their religious background, many major conflicts with various Nations, and their ability to survive these conflicts. The ability to survive these conflicts have become ingrained in the culture of France.
Culture can mean many different things to different people and probably cannot be narrowed down to any one precise meaning. However, culture usually has certain characteristics such as government, religion, and history. Similar to the United States government, France has a Constitution, three branches of government, legislative, judicial and executive. France has a President who serves 5 years and appoints a Prime Minister to assist the President. They both have key roles to culture since the President is elected by the people and the Prime Minister is the head
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France is one of the best agricultural areas of Europe with mild summers and cold winters. France grows grapes, cereal products, and sugar beets. France 's number one crop is sugar beets and they produce twenty-nine million metric tons a year. (Nations Encyclopedia, 2016). Farm lands make up a majority of France, but also towering over parts of France 's agricultural valleys are the French Alps, including the tallest mountain in Europe, Mt. Blanc. Mt Blanc 's peak is listed at 4,807 meters (Encyclopedia Britannica,
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