Differences Between Grant And Jefferson In Ernest Gaines A Lesson Before Dying

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At the beginning of A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines, Grant and Jefferson who are two black men who have drastically different views on life, they started out as bitter and angry people. Towards the end , these men evolved into caring and brave characters due to the influence of motherly-like women. At first Jefferson didn’t want to listen to Grant because he believed that life was near the end, and he thought that teaching kids wasn’t going to get them anywhere since they will eventually become the people who unload wood. Miss Emma and Tante Lou instructed Grant to visit Jefferson and see him stand up for his rights and so did Vivian, Mr.Wiggin’s girlfriend. In A Lesson Before Dying, women helped foster the development of Grant and Jefferson as characters…show more content…
Everything in the universe of blacks is repetitive to him as showcased in the quote ”After listening to one or two of the verses, I tuned out the rest of them . I had heard them all many times.” (p.33) There was a big difference between Grant’s feelings and those of the women in his life because the ladies played an active part in the church community and he was a teacher. The church and community of women are involved in the circle of submission, Grant needs faith in these ladies who are trying to make him realize that change is occurring even if he thinks black men need to conform to the rules of a white man’s world. Throughout A Lesson Before Dying , Grant and Jefferson mature and gain new aspects about life due to the guidance of three influential women. Their bond developed strong when they spent a lot of time in the jail cell together and when Grant told him what his definition of a hero was. Through community experiences and care that was received from ladies, both Jefferson and Grant were able to gain a new lens on their lives and the world around
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