Differences Between Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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Differences matter. Both versions of The Great Gatsby are very similar, but also very different. The differences, though, play a much stronger role in how people understand and feel about the book. The similarities are similarities for a reason; they matter in the book, not with how people view the book. The differences, however, say a lot about how the directors and actors feel about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book. The director of the first version, made in 2000, seems to view it as a joke, but perhaps saw profit from producing this movie. The movie formed in 2013, seems to take the book more serious, and though seeing profit as well, wanted to make certain aspects shine through. Though both films have similarities, the differences are much more powerful and depict how the actors and directors view the novel. One of the major differences was the choice of…show more content…
Multiple people found it difficult to watch and pay attention to this movie because of the lack of emotion, effort, and the horrible acting. Because of these reasons and more, it proves that the film produced in the year 2000 was less thankful and appreciative of the work Fitzgerald had done. The 2013 movie was better in the idea of assuring that the actors were proud of the character they were to portray. Since there was hardly any effort and emotion put into the filming of the first big screen, this helped to show that the director cared little about the actual story. Overall, the 2013 movie portrayed the book much better. The directors and actors of each movie viewed the novel in different ways. The 2013 version seemed to take it more serious while the 2000 version did not care as much. If the 2000 version had included better actors, it would have been more enjoyable. Both movies have similar and different qualities, but the variances stand out much more than the
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