Differences Between High Culture And Popular Culture

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When considering the different categories of culture, there are two main factions: high culture and popular culture, also called low culture. High culture is the culture of the upper class while popular culture is the culture of the middle and lower classes. In order to compare these two cultures, I am going to analyze my experiences at two different concerts, a Twenty-One Pilots concert and a Yo-Yo Ma concert, using various sociological terminologies. These terminologies include high culture, popular culture, bourgeoisies, proletariats, material culture, impression management, and front stage behavior. Using these terminologies, I will analyze my experience at the pop rock concert and my experience at the classical concert and use the differences between the two concerts and their audiences to explain the difference between high culture and popular culture. HAVES AND HAVE NOTS Firstly, in my opinion, if you are going to a concert at all, you are technically a have, also known as a bourgeoisie, because you can afford to go to a concert. However, bourgeoisies are typically people classified as members of the middle class or the high class who tend to value materialistic things. So, when classifying bourgeoisie’s as a part of high culture or popular culture, they are considered high culture because they include the high class. The opposite of a bourgeoisie is a proletariat. A proletariat is a have not. In this comparison, those attending the Yo-Yo Ma concert would be

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