Comparing Hitler And The Lord's Resistance Army

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Both Hitler and his Nazi party and the Lord 's Resistance Army are extremist groups but in what way did they gain support and power? When we think of Hitler in the 20th century, the first thing we think of is how the Nazi party is an extremist group. It was a group that came to power in Germany because of a world wide economic depression and desperation amongst citizens. If you look at the 21st century, many extremist groups can be found that rule and came to power the same way hitler did. For example: The Lord 's Resistance army. The Lord 's resistance army started in northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The LRA got to power because of years of tyranny and a group of loyal followers.…show more content…
But there is of course a difference to the way the desperation affected people. In Hitler 's time, the depression was very sudden. People were just recovering from World War 1 and there was hope that the situation might be resolved. When the depression hit and the children of many men and women were starving to death, people became incredibly desperate for a solution, so they voted for Hitler 's Nazi party in hopes of a better future for themselves and their families. In Uganda the depression had been there for a long amount of time. People were living in poverty and they were treated unfairly by their own government. When the Lord 's Resistance Army showed people that they could rebel in the name of god, something that also united a lot of people, they saw hope the same way that the people in Germany saw. But because of the poverty being there for such a long time, the amount of people that followed the Nazi party wasn’t the same as the amount of people that joined the Lord 's Resistance Army. The Lord 's Resistance army had less followers. The way that their governments controlled the situation were also very
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