Differences Between Liberalism And Marxism

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This essay will argue the right to freedom is of vital importance in any society yet one freedom may differ from the next along with never ending debates. With regard to classical as well as modern liberalism along with Marxism and the notion of the relationship between communism and capitalism, and which freedoms are associated and lack thereof.
Freedom and what a person may gain or may be restricted by it, differs between Liberals and Marxists. Freedom may have various definitions depending in which content it is placed in. Freedom in a general sense, according to the oxford dictionary states that, “the power or right to act, speak, or think freely” (Soanes, Hawker and Elliott 2006), whereas freedom in connection with politics differs due to differing ideologies and what rules and conditions come along with those ideologies.
Liberal ideology according to (Heywood 2013) is the “ideology of industrialized west”, where liberalism can be considered as a meta-ideology where liberalism plays the key role ideological debate due to the ways of liberalism allowing to set a form of foundation when in comparison amongst other ideologies. Heywood further stated in ‘Political Ideologies: An introduction’, that due to there being various definitions of the word, ‘liberal’ (Heywood, Liberalism 2012). Heywood further suggested that the definition most fitting with regard to the ideology, Liberalism, refers to people who are open-minded in connection
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