Differences Between Lincoln And Jefferson Davis

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With the South succession from the North, two leaders emerged to lead the nation forward—Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Both men were great leaders who believed their cause was worthy. For example, they both “proclaimed numerous official days of fasting and prayer in the aftermath of important battles” (Tindall and Shi 517). Yet this was a challenge they faced. Who’s side was God on? That is uncertain. However as each challenged arose, they struggled to overcome them. For example, Lincoln had little military training, yet managed to secure experienced generals that lead his army to victory. This came from his ability to “analyze situations quickly and make good decisions. He was also good at dealing with difficult people” (Hillstrom and Collier 272).…show more content…
Also, Davis “trusted his own abilities far beyond those of others, and he found it difficult to admit that he was wrong” (Hillstrom and Collier 100). Another major issue Lincoln faced was “a deep-seated racial prejudice in the North” (Tindall and Shi 510). It took Lincoln a log time and a bloody war to finally decide to deal the real issue in the North—people did not want blacks in the United States. He finally resolved this issue with the Emancipation Proclamation. All in all, I believe that Jefferson Davis was a better leader than Abraham Lincoln, because of how they faced challenges. Neither man was perfect in leadership, yet Davis stuck to his beliefs and that is honorable. Lincoln on the other hand, changed why he was at war with the south over time. At first it was to keep the Union together, but in the end it was to free
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