Differences Between Little Mermaid Book And Movie

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When someone reads a book they often want to watch the movie once it has been created. Most of the time they expect the movie to follow the same story line, and they hope it will be what they pictured while reading the book. However, many books and movies have more differences than similarities; this is the case of Disney’s movie, The Little Mermaid, and Hans Andersen’s book, The Little Mermaid. The book was written over one-hundred years before the movie was created, and it has a more dark and painful background to the story. The movie is full of color and fun personalities. In the book, the mermaid can not wait until the day she can reach the surface, but when she finally does she is saddened by the prince whom she saved from drowning. She eventually is forced to kill the prince or die herself; she will not kill the prince. The mermaid must work for 300 years to do all the good in her power before she can go to heaven. In the movie, the little mermaid goes to the surface of the ocean against her father’s will. While there she falls in love with a human prince; she makes a deal with the Ursula to allow her to have legs the mermaid will have to give up her beautiful voice. Ursula is evil and plans to…show more content…
Sometimes the book and movie have many similarities; however, most of the time they have more differences. The Little Mermaid, written by Hans Andersen, and the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, have many differences. They also have some similarities. Both of these works have adverse themes, and the book version has a much darker mood. The book was written around one-hundred years prior to the movie being filmed;this may account for the many differences between the two works. In comparison, the books both have a young mermaid who wants to marry a prince. Also, both the book and movie have an adventurous mermaid. Books and movies are not always exactly the same, and they may have many
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