Differences Between Love And Infatuation

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Have you ever experienced falling in love with someone wherein you eventually doubt your feelings with the person you are in love with, to an extent of you start interrogating yourself if you are in love with the person or just in love with the feeling? In the modern world we are currently facing today, it is cliché to have love and infatuation differentiated. In most comparisons, according to Rohan Felix (2016), infatuation is treated as a risky and hazardous phenomenon, whereas love is manifested to be healthy. These two broad concepts are both intense emotions and feelings in which most of the people are often confused by it; however, they only differ in the actuality of love, intensity, and final outcome that affect an individual’s life (Diffen LLC, 2017). Now, the fundamental question that needs to be asked; however, it often remains to be unanswered – is the love you feel is a real love or is it just an infatuation? This question is way to hard to answer for most people who are blinded in the world of romantic love wherein they think it is already love but it is actually not.

Nowadays, people of all ages can become mixed up between infatuation and love. Our modern world has confused love with infatuation. Think about that almost every time people hear the word love referenced in poplar culture, it is something they fall into unexpectedly and accidentally (Lallier, 2010). With that being said, knowing the comparison and contrast of these two concepts is easy; however,
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