Differences Between Macbeth And Throne Of Blood

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Macbeth is a play written by the great English poet Shakespeare. Macbeth is a story about a soon to become king Macbeth. He is the main character of the story as he plays a big role in the events that occur during the story. Macbeth was known for being ambitious and a person with great perseverance. The movie Throne Of Blood is an adaption of the play Macbeth, but it’s not just a translation of the play. In Fact, The director of the movie Asir Kurosawa did a brilliant job by inserting diverse cultural, and historical sources into the movie. Since Throne of Blood is heavily based on the play Macbeth, There are a lot of similarities during the events of the story. One of the most important fact about both stories is that Bloodshed was taking over. In Macbeth, Struggles over succession mostly resulted in massacres and chaos. Malcolm (2), who is supposedly the grand father of Duncan had killed a rival prince as well as other rivals to guarantee the position to himself and to also guarantee the succession for his grandchild Duncan. Duncan, in turn, was killed when he went…show more content…
It keeps the watcher outside the world which helps us learn the life lessons instead of empathizing with the characters in which was present in Macbeth. The reader could feel the guilt and anger that was going through Macbeth’s head as well as in Lady Macbeth’s. Both the play and the movie might have great similarities, but each has its own unique way to deliver the message to the reader/viewer. The philosophy in Throne of blood takes us well over Shakespeare, but they both serve the purpose of the story perfectly. Both Macbeth and Throne of Blood are unique in their own way, whether it’s the way the characters react, or to the themes. One of the most important similarity is that both stories are well enjoyed over generations and teach great life lessons that serve the sole purpose of the
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