Differences Between Men And Women

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1. I believe that many differences between men and women tend to be because we have stereotypes that we believe that are true, and that’s make feel us human like we need to do what is “correct” in society. I believe that work/life balance for women is harder because people expect women, to take care of the children and also if they can be successful at their job. There is many bias toward what is wrong in society. Even whenever men take care of the children, and women provide to the house, people tend to judge the men because it their eyes the men are being lazy. Yet, women have a harder time to balance the work and life because it is expected more from them. For us men, people tend to expect just to do good at the job a provide food to the table. We also think that is the most necessary thing in our life, but most of us are wrong because we need to promote more equality towards dividing the work/life between our spouses. They need more help with the chores in the house. We need to divide our work/life, so we can have a smoothly life, and create a better environment in our organization and our families. 2. I feel surprise because we are in a different era where we need to promote more equality. Also, it really surprises me how women tend to discriminate themselves because they fall into the trap of stereotypes. There is always a way to find a balance between our life and spouses. Also, tension between work and family is a problem that affect all of us because our family is
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