A Wrinkle In Time: Movie Analysis

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Concepts that entice the audience, events that show the supremacy and authority good has over evil, and a story that exhibits the true power and capability of love, “A Wrinkle in Time.” The main premise of the novel, a “Wrinkle in Time” is apropos a girl, named Meg, who despite her faults, anger, impatience, and lack of self-confidence, uses the power of love to disenthrall and free her brother, Charles Wallace, from the malevolent IT. As portrayed in the past movie productions, the modus operandi is to alter the novel, which thereby condenses the film to retain the attention span of the audience. In respect to the motion picture, “A Wrinkle in Time,” abundant has changed. The setting has been more modernized as opposed to anachronistic…show more content…
In the novel, “A Wrinkle in Time,” Mr. Murry is intramural in what is termed a transparent column, rather than the long rectangular corridor in the movie. As noted in the novel, Mr. Murry’s entrapment is located in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building with a height of greater than the Empire State Building, and almost as long as it is high. It has only one door, at least two stories high, and wider than a room, made of a dull, bronze-like material. However, in the case of the movie production, CENTRAL Central Intelligence is unequivocally seen as a white plain circular dome, lacking any foregoing characteristics. These events all take place on a planet called Camazotz which in the movie changes settings through the duration that the children, Meg, Calvin and Charles Wallace, are on the planet. As delineated in the movie, Camazotz starts off in a forest with a calamitous storm, then transmogrified into a suburban city, scintillating beach, and finally, into the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building. Although Camazotz changed settings in the movie, in the novel it remained the same. In addition, the most notable difference in the Murray 's house in comparison to the novel and movie production is the physical appearance of the house. The Murray 's house in the novel “A Wrinkle in Time” is antiquated, containing wooden floorboards, an…show more content…
The most noteworthy alteration of the dramatis personae is seen in the protagonist, Meg Murry. In the novel, one can categorize Meg’s three faults as impatience, stubbornness, and lack of self-confidence, which is indicated Mrs. Whatsit. However, in the cinematic production, those three faults are not as evident. The movie depicts a girl who is courageous, giving her the bravado to perform acts of valor. On Uriel, while Meg is on Mrs. Whatsit’s back, she displays her knowledge of physics, demonstrating the property of lift. In addition, when Meg and Calvin first arrive on Camazotz, a deleterious storm takes place; therefore, they are unable to make it over the cliff. Meg makes a quick and perilous decision to bring themselves to safety. Similarly, in both the novel and film production, Meg was able to resist and persevere in defeating the mind-grasping IT. Furthermore, in the novel, Mr. Murry is seen as a stubborn person, due to his denial that Charles Wallace was under the sovereignty of IT. Conversely, in the in the motion picture, father is more acquiescent, for the same reason. In the novel it is illustrated that frequently, father works alone, but sometimes at the Institute for Higher Learning in Princeton; however, in the cinematic production, he is working alone, alongside his wife. As portrayed in
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