A Compare And Contrast Essay On Books Vs Movies

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Books vs. Movies Entertainment is a major part of life. There are many different forms of entertainment. Three of the most popular are books, television shows and movies. All three have many similarities. They are also very different too. Deciding whether to use a book, movie or television show can depend on anything from where a person is, to what sort of people may be around a person. Movies, television, and books are all forms of entertainment. They allow a person to travel into different times and to different places. They can be educational or just plain fiction. Movies, books, and shows come in many different genres to meet each person’s wants. They can be anything from romance to comedy and even history or biographies. Books, just like movies, can come in sequels and trilogies, just as television has series. They can be used to pass time, or as ways to relax. Books, TV and movies are all filled with character following storylines where many different events can happen. They allow a person to understand and communicate with…show more content…
There are many differences too. Television shows are much shorter than movies. In the amount of time it takes a movie to tell a story, it could take a show two or three seasons. Movies can be picked up and watched whenever one feels like it, but TV on the other hand, has to be watched at a certain time on certain days of the week. TV will leave a lot of a story left off, to leave the viewer anticipating the next episode, and will keep his mind wondering. Television is good way to keep a story going for long periods of time. Television shows, books and movies have a lot in common when it comes to stories and characters. They have a lot of differences too, whether it be times, place or surrounding people. No matter how one looks at it, all three are fabulous ways of entertainment, no matter what kind of stories a person

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