Differences Between Myth And Superstition In Inherit The Wind

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Strongly believing in your religion versus accepting the actual truth is a real testament of a religious person’s faith. While one might want to keep their strong beliefs in their religion and not go against it, testable theories and results from science say otherwise. In Stanley Kramers film Inherit the Wind, the ongoing battle of science versus religion continues. Along with several other problems, Kramers film helped me to formulate three questions. Can myth and superstition be tested? Can faith blind common sense? And Is science always right?
Myth and superstition is an inheritance of beliefs from one’s culture and parents. “I was always more afraid of you than of falling!” (KRAMER). Rachel Brown says this to her father, Reverend Jeremiah Brown, and it sums up what kind of culture she grew up in. Just based off that quote, it is clear that Rachel feared her father and because of their cultural beliefs, she was always afraid to go against what she had been taught. According to Helen De Cruz, the creator of the entry Religion and Science, religion focuses on the” reception of revolutionary theory” (2). An established religion made it hard for anybody to
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While someone may not want to believe in something they cannot see or touch, science is not always accurate. Proving that both theories, whether scientific or religious, have they are on flaws and various areas for disbelief. However, whichever one a person decides to side with is going to have to have a little bit of faith. Maybe religion more than scientific but they both require a high amount of faith and relatively good evidence. Nevertheless, we need both to see the world from different perspectives. These two different theories keep our minds open to what if’s and the maybes of the world. Establishing scientific or religion in society would make the learners one sided minded and the phenomenon of Science vs. Religion would
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