Differences Between New England Colonies

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The first permanent settlements established by the English in the Americas. The first permanent settlements like the Chesapeake area colonies, the Carolinas, the Puritan New England settlements and the Mid-Atlantic colonies but better known as the northern, middle and southern colonies, all differed in politics, religion, economics and social issue. Although they all differed in the above, they all had one thing in common, they were religious. With different beliefs but religious. I will compare and contrast the differences between the colonies and what made each colony distinct from the other. First, politics was a varied topic when it came to the colonies. Seventeenth-century New England was governed by Puritans, otherwise known are Puritanism. The Massachusetts Bay company stockholders were known at the General…show more content…
The Puritans were the founder of the northern colonies of New England although, not all New England Colonists were Puritans. The Puritan religion was an influence in the seventeenth-century. Then there were Quakers, who believed that neither preachers nor bibles were necessary to worship god. Which was the complete opposite of what puritans believed. There is one major difference between the two. Religion in the Southern Colonies was not as enthusiastic as it was in the Northern, New England colonies. While most colonists were what they called Anglicans, their faith would lay in their tobacco plantations and not necessarily a god. The same was for the founder of Maryland who was catholic. But just like in other southern colonies, religion eventually became less important than tobacco in Maryland. Unlike the soil of the New England, the soil of the Mid-Atlantic colonies was rich enough to produce food in many ways good enough for export to the world. Flour being the number one export. Indentured servants, family labor and slave labor was the way most of the workforce was being
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