Differences Between Northern And Southern Colonies

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The Northern and Southern colonies in the seventeenth century had many differences and similarities. The differences go all the way back to the beginning as the United States was only separated into the Northern, middle and southern colonies. Each colony shared many differences mainly revolving around religion, politics, economics and social issues. The result of the way that they dealt with these issues in our country today. The Puritans established the Northern colonies and the southern colonies were ruled by The house of burgesses. In the southern colonies the main people that inhabited the area were Catholics and protestants. The southern colonies ended up becoming excessively dependent on a plantation company that required slavery. Slavery was not a great solution to the labor problem but because a large portion or people owned a lot slaves and since that ownership was viewed as their wealth they were loathed to give up those slaves without financial compensation. Slavery was allowed in New England but very few people owned slaves. The Northern Colonies decided to take the weakling way out. The Northerners slowly emancipated the slaves once America became a nation. Since the problem was down South they treated slavery as a peculiar institution. They tried to do their best to ignore it but unfortunately, it was impossible to ignore. They decided to embrace slavery as a need. Mostly the owners of plantations of cotton, tobacco, rice, and brokers of cotton and other Commodities. They became extremely paranoid every time they perceived a threat…show more content…
In the Northern colonies you will mainly see mountains but close to the coastline it's flatter and it is a colder climate and mildly warm summers. Only a thin layer of soil makes it possible for mainly subsistence farming only. Within the southern colonies, there are mostly plains, forests and along
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