Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And A Midnight In Paris

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The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the story is about Gatsby a man lost in love doing everything he can to get back the women he lost and loves, Daisy, even though she is already married and has a family with Tom. Nick Carraway is the cousin of Daisy, a friend of Tom, and meets Gatsby at one of his parties he also narrates the story. In the book, Daisy is a flirtatious, lovely, and confused woman and cannot decide over Tom, whom she is married to and Gatsby, who she claims she loved but has now come back after 5 years to renege the time he lost without her. The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann and Midnight in Paris by woody Allen are both very similar to the original F. Scott Fitzgerald although there are some differences. The Great…show more content…
The two films, A Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott, share many similarities in the sense that Gil is much alike to Nick Caraway, how they see everything happen and try to innovate the situation, but are not successfully and then in a way give up. Two men that resemble each other are Gil and Gatsby, in the sense that he is passionate and has hope for many things, although he is different because Gil already has a fiancé and neither do Gatsby or Nick have a woman and Gil is not trying to steal someone’s wife. Although, Pablo is trying to take his, so that is, a similarity someone’s wife is still being taken away from their husband, although no one gets run over or shot in a pool, Midnight In Paris still shares many similarities with The Great Gatsby. The music is for each era they go through, it goes from jazz to calm, relaxing band music to wild dance parties and the music is proper; there is no modern music when in the “Golden Age”. The scenes in the movie also resemble the book, when Gil tells Inez that he does not want to be with her anymore her parents break in and they never actually approved of him as Daisy’s parents never approved of Gatsby to be with their daughter and he ends up never being with her. In addition, since Gatsby left Daisy, she ends up going with Tom just as Inez goes
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